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Antique Automobile Radio, Inc.

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ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE RADIO, INC., began manufacturing car radio vibrators in 1982. The auto radios of the 30s, 40s and 50s were made by Motorola, Philco, Bendix, Sylvania, RCA, Zenith, Detrola, Wells-Gardner and others, all of whom had either gone out of business or turned their attention to other ventures, and had abandoned the old car market.

At that time, there were no new vibrators available, and the original ones had a life of about 18 months in regular service. We designed a solid state vibrator and produced it in metal cans with the same base and physical dimensions as the originals. The greatest benefit of the solid state design was its long service life. Indeed many of our first vibrators are still in regular service. Today we make over 60 different types of vibrators and ship to every corner of the globe.

As our dealer network expanded, we began to make other hard-to-find parts for older car radios. Dial glass and special speakers that are no longer used were added to our catalog.

As we developed new replacement parts, we were faced with a problem seemingly beyond our control. Our AM audience was leaving. The question our restoration shops and dealers were being asked was "Why bother to restore a radio when there is nothing being broadcast that I want to listen to?"



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