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All American Carburetors

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We don't rebuild.   We re-manufacture and restore.

Our Restoration Service is our main focus. The unit we get is the one you get back!

The carburetor is completely disassembled, and meticulously cleaned.

Next the carb is ultrasonically cleaned. Then it is media blasted to remove all of the original finish and any remaining contaminates. Each of the pieces are either plated, polished in a vibratory machine to a high luster finish or re-color dipped depending on the application required. We have several hardware finishes including, black oxide, gold or silver wash zinc, and more.

Then everything is reassembled with premium ethanol resistant parts, fluoroelastomer accelerator pumps and hose when available, as well as new needle and seat assemblies. Floats, choke pull offs and choke coils are replaced if available. All throttle shafts are removed and bushings are installed to minimize vacuum leaks. 4 Barrel and 2 Barrel carbs are live engine tested* to ensure proper float setting, accelerator pump function and that hot & cold idle adjusts along with the mixture screws. Carburetors that cannot be engine tested are wet tested to ensure float setting, accelerator pump function and that no leaks exist.

We Are a Family Business!

All American Carburetors®was started in 2002 by the Weldon/Patterson Family. In 2014 the two Master builders Will Patterson and Joe Thomas purchased the Weldon's shares in the company so that they could retire! Now The Patterson/Thomas Family is running the business-  same great service, as well as quality!  We have a small team and take pride in what we do!